Best Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon in India

My name is Aqib Turabi, I am from Khartoum, Sudan. I had been to India for my son’s cardiac surgery seeking the help of a top doctor called Dr Rajesh Sharma best cardiologist and his team has fixed my kid’s cardiac ailment with great care and professionalism. I was struck with my problem back in my hometown with little hope to get it fixed at my place for the reason of not getting advanced treatment options. The medical systems are not that updated at my end, I was lost with no solution back in my country. The common option for people like me with kids suffering from advanced ailment is to seek the help of medical tourism. This involves finding out the right country offering high quality healthcare services with affordable cost. I was lost with no hope when one of my doctor friends recommended trying my luck in India. He gave me some sites to study and I took time to research.

I then researched at length and after spending considering amount of time checking the pediatric cardiac care options in countries like India, I found out that it has some of the best doctors like Dr. Rajesh Sharma cardiologist for kids and others who can fix things right. I then checked the hospitals and found out that most of the top hospitals are known to offer high quality healthcare services with affordable cost. I was soon convinced that I am at a right place when it comes to choosing the location for the treatment. However, I was confused as to how I can manage to get my son’s treatment by top doctors Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon in Delhi who can give my son the best of the healthcare services. With further research, I realized that I can get the treatment done in India seeking the help of competitive medical tourism companies.

So, I came to know that it is very much practical for any global patient to get the treatment in India seeking the help of this competitive medical tourism company that can help me in getting the treatment seeking top doctors like Dr. Rajesh Sharma. I then headed my research to find out a good medical tourism that could be my good helping hand in settling down things right on time and with great professionalism. Soon I had a list of some of the top medial tourism companies in India that offered me the required treatment for my son. Further comparing in terms of packages, doctor, hospital and other facilities, I finally decided up along with checking the reviews and ratings that helped me to get the best of the results. My search ended with Indian Med Guru Consultant, I shared my medical reports and got their solution in the form of a surgery to be carried out by top surgeon like Dr. Rajesh Sharma cardiologist that can help my kid in getting the best results.

So, I planned my journey getting my medical visa for my son along with me reaching out right on time to get the treatment done at the top hospital and surgeon which I realized when I reached to India. Soon the day dawned when I was supposed to be see my soon getting treated with the said surgery. It took a few hours to complete till I realize that I am at safe hands and free from the ailment once for all giving him the best of the healthcare services. Needless to say that Indian Med Guru medical tourism company chosen by me for this surgery has done a lot for me and my son, who include getting the best doctor Dr. Rajesh Sharma best cardiologist in India to getting the best doctor for kids, I had loads of stuff to enjoy with. I now highly recommend Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon and Indian Med Guru Consultant for carrying out cardiac surgeries in India. Lastly, I thank everyone for the kind of pediatric cardiac services I have received.

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Thank you all!

Aqib Turabi

Khartoum, Sudan