How much does IUI fertility treatment cost In India

IUI know as intrauterine insemination; this procedure is a simple fertility treatment procedure. This process involves transferring washed semen directly in the uterus using a catheter. This makes the sperm easy to travel to the egg for further fertilization. This helps in easy fertility; it is an artificial process which pushes the sperm more close to the reach the target. This is a very common procedure performed in India. Many of the international patients have been benefited by having their treatment in India. One can get best affordable package for their medical treatment in India.

Cost of IUI Fertility Treatment in India

IUI fertility treatment cost in India is very affordable as compared to the other countries. One can plan their medical treatment easily in India with the help of Indian med guru consultants. These consultants will help you to get the best affordable package for your medical treatment in India. They will also help you to get appointment with the best surgeons who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. They will help you to get the best affordable package for your medical treatment in India. The package would include:

  • Medical visa for the patient and the family.
  • Local travel including airport pick and drop.
  • Meals for patient and family.
  • Accommodation for patient and family.
  • The package would also include first consultation (first sitting) with the top gynecologist in India.

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IUI Fertility Treatment in Fortis Hospital India

Fortis hospital India is a well-known multispecialty hospital in India. It deals with minor to major surgical and non-surgical procedure. The medical panel is well trained and is updated with all the latest technique. It has a caring staff that will support you with all your daily needs during the days of the treatment. Fortis hospital is the most famous one in India. It consists more than 250 beds, private rooms etc to make the patient comfortable in every aspect. Fortis hospital is associated with only the best surgeons and doctor who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. They will suggest you the best procedure to solve your medical issue.

Why Zambia Patients Choose IUI fertility treatment in India

Hospitals or clinics in their home town have a policy of first come first serve because of which the other patient need to wait for a long time for their turn of treatment. Hospitals in India do not have such policy they would treat every patient as their first patient and without any wait they start the treatment which is unlike other countries. Zambia patient get a special discount for their medical treatment in India. It is been observed that maximum Zambia patients come down to India for their medical treatment. So to make their medical tour to India easy Indian med guru consultant has come up with special discount on every medical treatment procedure. One can easily avail this service by filling up the free consultation form online. Rest will be taken care off by the consultants.

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